Serving the Continents

LMC Serves the Continents through a connection with Iglecia Uncion Y Fuego in Siquirres Costa Rica.  

God is mightily at work through His church in Costa Rica and we are blessed to be able to partner with Pastor Luis and Pastora Adita.  On mission trips we have a food ministry where we deliver and pray over 50 families in need, we host women's Bible study, men's Bible study, kids' VBS, and teens' Bible study.  If you would like to know more about Costa Rica Missions, please watch this video or talk to Quentin Schultz.

NEW TRIP TO COSTA RICA will be August 6-15th, 2024

If interested in supporting this mission trip, please talk to Quentin Schultz.

Pastor Luis’s Story --- God’s Story

  •          Donna Chavalita’s proficy before Luis’s birth
  •          God speaks to Luis as a child
  •          Luis and Adita marry
  •          God calls Luis to be a Pastor
  •          God protects Pastor Luis from death threats
  •          God tells Pastor Luis where He wants Iglesia Unción y Fuego to be built
  •          God works to secure this property
  •          God promises help from a foreign country
  •          Luther Memorial sends first foreign Mission Team to Costa Rica in 2018
  •          Development of the Church compound occurs
  •          Significant growth begins to occur
  •          A house is built for a family of the church
  •          God protects Pastor Luis and Iglesia Unción y Fuego from financial mismanagement by AIBC
  •          Pastor Luis establishes Asociación Cristiana por Amor de Ti
  •          More church families receive new houses or significant home restorations
  •          Pastor Luis secures authorization to participate in the Costa Rica Food Shelf program
  •          Igesia Unción y Fuego becomes the center of focus in the community


Are you interested in learning more about God’s Story in Siquirres, Costa Rica?  Are you interested in experiencing God at work there in person?  If so, contact Quentin Schultz, Luther Memorial Foreign Missions Coordinator at: Cell: 715-220-2340  Email:

Are you interested in an update from Pastor Luis about the ministry in Costa Rica?  Please view the complete document HERE.